As CHIM’s nephew. I am proud to present this portfolio of his work to interested collectors and museums. Income from sales help to support the archival work on his collection. related exhibits. and book publication projects. Please contact me for more information and to receive occasional email notes on current exhibits. books. publications. and events.

This historic portfolio presents some of the strongest photos of David Seymour (CHIM) (1911-1956). These archival quality portfolio prints were selected by and produced while supervised by Cornell Capa in 1983, are embossed with a distinctive ‘CHIM” signature that was used only for this portfolio of 12 prints On the back there is a stamped portfolio description and numbering by hand in pencil. Images are approximately 9 x 11.5 inches on u x 14 inches paper. Purchasers of the entire portfolio will receive the remaining cloth boxes with an embossed sketch of CHIM by Carlo Levi. A small number of this classic edition of 100 portfolios are now available for sale.