Unknown eulogist at CHIM Memorial Service

“typed recollection of David Seymour following his

I am here perhaps the only close friend of the family
of David Seymour Chimin who for the last time saw his
parents under the Nazi occupation in Warsaw.  I was an
intimate friend of his father Benjamin Szymin who was
one of the outstanding publishers of modern Hebrew and
Yiddish literature.  The home of the Szymins was a
gathering place of the foremost Jewish and Hebrew
writers of our time including Shalom Ash, Bialik,
Shneier, Sokolov and others.

David and his sister Hala were brought up in this
atmosphere of idealism and yearning for beauty and
cultural values.  When I last saw David Seymour in the
home of his sister, Mrs. Samuel Schneiderman, I was
astonished at the likeness to his father.  He had the
same gentle friendly smily, the same deep dreaming
eyes reflecting an intellectual curiosity and love for
the work they were doing in different fields but with
the same earnestness and devotion.

In the last moments of his life the eyes of David
Seymour saw the horrors of war and captured them in
his last pictures.  He met his death bravely on the
call of his profession, at the crossroads of the
world.  He felt at hom in Paris and New York, in Rome
and in Athens, in Warsaw and in Tel-Aviv.

I hope that the family and close friends of David
Seymour will find comfort in the fact that he lived a
full, creative life and devoted all his talents and
energy to preserve the great moments of joy and
sufferings of his generation.

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