David Seymour, Vies de Chim

David Seymour, Living Chim

David Seymour Chim was with Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa one of the founders of the prestigious Magnum agency in 1947.
This book is the first monograph devoted to the biography and photojournalist unusual that the author finally comes to light after remaining long in the shadow of these two figures become mythical.

Nearly one hundred and fifty pages of text accompanied by a hundred pages of photographs, the book traces his career, but also illuminates aspects of his private life that were not known until the recent discovery of more than six hundred documents in the apartment of his nephew Ben Shneiderman.

This book weaves links between man and time, retracing the route of an exiled intellectual and political commitment to left during the debut of the Popular Front and the Spanish Civil War, where he undertakes for the Republicans to with Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, and many European and Spanish correspondents publishing his images in the leading magazines of the time as Regards, Life, Seen or Illustrated. Choosing to focus its attention on the most vulnerable, he photographed the children victims of the Second World War and for UNICEF, Italy, farmers in a neorealist approach.

After 1949 and during the seven short years left him to live, Chim working at breakneck speed, avoiding the field of Holocaust where he lost all his relatives and friends to spend more time in Greece and Italy especially in Rome where he covers the arts, literature and film portraits with multiple personalities.

But no more than his friends and Capa Bischof it will reach old age. One day in November 1956, just after the cease-fire, Chim and his colleague Jean Roy are mown down by a burst of submachine Egyptian


Photography historian and poet since 1971, Carole Naggar is the author of the first dictionary of Photographers (Le Seuil, 1982). His recent books include George Rodger: An Adventure in Photography (Syracuse, 2003), his memoir Egypt Back (Nahar Misraïm, Paris, 2007), Werner Bischof: Notebooks road (Delpire, 2008) and David Seymour Chim (Photopoche, 2011 ). His poems Haiku Night will be published in 2014 by Dobbin Mill edition bilingue.Carole Naggar divides his time between New York and Paris.


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