D17 Gallery – Art Market Budapest 2016


The show at D17 Gallery (Budapest), as a satellite exhibition of Art Market Budapest 2016, focuses especially on the work that Chim did in Hungary and Poland. The curator, Carole Naggar, Chim’s biographer, went back to Chim’s contact sheets and found many images that had never been printed before. In Hungary, Chim worked in high schools and kindergartens and focused especially on social experiments involving children and teenagers, such as in the town of Hajdúhadház, which was the seat of a remarkable experiment in autonomy: 350 boys and girls, orphans, vagabonds or delinquent, were trying to live in a self-sufficient way in a camp they considered home. In Poland, Chim often photographed orphaned Jewish children and made his famous image of Tereska in a home for disturbed children in Warsaw: when asked to draw her home, all she can manage is an inchoate scrawl, an expression of her deep trauma.

On view October 14th-29th, 2016.

The D17 Gallery

Carole Naggar’s article for “The Eye of Photography” on the D17 exhibition

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